In 1960, at the formation of the State of Gujarat, Dr. Vishnu Ganesh Mavalankar, FRCS, took over as Hon. Secretary and with Dr. Vasant K. Vani, MS, FRCS, who was the Hon. Secretary of the Indian Red Cross Society, Gujarat State Branch, took up the crusade for promotion of voluntary blood donation movement. They stared giving their blood for saving patients and made all the doctors, medical students and other para medical staff to follow suit. They started educating the college youths, The twin towers of the city, the State Bank of India and Life Corporation of India offices took upon themselves to organise blood donation camps every three months interval and provided centurion blood donors.

In 1980, the Indian Red Cross Society, Gujarat State branch with the major support of the IRCS Ahmedabad branch was declared first in maximum collection of voluntary blood and was awarded the Rotating shield at the hands of the President of India. Shri Mahesh C. Trivedi, Hon. Jt. Secretary of the Ahmedabad branch was awarded special honour for motivation work in the field of blood donation movement at the same time. This trophy continued to be awarded to IRCS, Gujarat State Branch till 2002.

The Ahmedabad Red Cross started blood-banking work since 1983 with the introduction of thalassemia blood transfusion clinic. Today it has full-fledged blood bank running for 24 hours, 365 days, providing blood to patients admitted in the hospitals of city and around without replacement.

Red Cross started its blood donation movement with the support of Civil Hospital and the first Red Cross voluntary blood bank was established in Civil Hospital in 1963 which was inaugurated by the then H.E. the Governor Shri Mehdi Navaz Jung Bahadur. Dr. V.K. Vani became the first blood donor.
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