Donors Organizers

State Bank of India

The State Bank of India has been a champion supporter of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme having extended its patronage both in terms of blood and money. In the past 40 years, SBI Employee's Association has contributed over 30,000 units of blood, penetrating deep through its large network of branches. Since its bicentenary celebrations in 2005, SBI has also been donating Rs.4,25,000 every year, on the basis of Rs.5,000 each towards the cause of one Thalassemia child for each of its 85 branches in Ahmedabad, which goes to look after the iron chelating needs of the selected children. The Association has 3 proud Centurions and more than 100 Veteran Blood Donors in the Ahmedabad Red Cross fold.

The retirement of Shri.R.O.Shah, Secretary General of the SBI Employee's Association and a great promoter of the cause of voluntary blood donation, turned out to be a momentous event, with his receiving a unique farewell tribute in the form of blood donation from over 6,000 of his colleagues, who donated their blood on one single day, to commemorate the occasion.

The retirement of Shri Kadri, President, Employee Union and a great promoter of voluntary blood donation, became a great moment, by receiving a unique format of retirement by organising a blood donation camp continuously for a year where the employees of State Bank had organised more than 400 blood donation camp and more than 40000 units of blood during the last year of his retirement.

L.D. College of Engineering

Having acknowledged itself as one of the most vibrant academic institutions, the L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad has lived up to its name with its ardent commitment to the cause of Life Donation Engineering, having contributed over 10,000 units of blood through the organising of more than 60 camps in coordination with the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme. The dynamic caption of the motivated college team is Professor Chaitanya S. Sanghvi, who is in the nineties of his blood donations, marching forward as one of the fastest nearing Centurion Blood Donors.

Shri Satya Sai Seva Sangathan

Shri Satya Sai Seva Sangathan, Ahmedabad, inspired by the loving message of Shri Satya Sai Baba of Puttapurthi that 'Blood is Liquid Love - Share it' launched its 'Raktadan Yagna' on Maha Shivrartri' of 1985 and has contributed 38,219 units of blood through 935 camps (until mid September, 2007) over the past 22 years. Realizing the dire need of fresh blood required on a periodic basis, more particularly for Thalassemia Patients, the Sangathan has extended unique patronage to the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme, organising Weekly Camps almost every Sunday round the year. The group has over 70 Veteran Blood Donor, which include 5 Women Veterans too. It is remarkable that one of the pioneers of the Sangathan Shri Rameshbhai Patel and 21 members of his joint family have together donated blood for over 752 times.

LIC - Torch Bearer of 'Jeevan Suraksha'

LIC Sports & Recreation Club of Ahmedabad has been a strong partner of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme for over 4 decades having contributed more than 14,000 units of blood. In September, 2006 it organised its eventful 100th Blood Donation Camp, hitting three sixes with a collection of 666 units. In June, 2007, the Club organised a mega camp collecting 1,700 units in a single day. The LIC's Roll of Honour of 149 Veteran Blood Donors includes 3 Centurions, 4 Platinum, 32 Golden and 110 Silver Blood Donors. Through its yeomen service for the cause of blood donation, LIC has truly proved itself as a Torch Bearer of 'Jeevan Suraksha'.