Ahmedabad/Gujarat top the country in blood donation

Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme is India's single largest Blood Programme, annually collecting over 1,00,000 blood units and organising over 750 outdoor camps in a year (which works out to an average of around 1,600 units and 11 camps every week). More than 1, 60,000 patients received the benefit of Blood Components in 2012-2013.

Ahmedabad Red Cross has the rare distinction of having within its fold more than 1,000 Veteran Blood Donors, who have donated their blood for over 25, 50, 75 and 100 times.

Ahmedabad Red Cross has a record number of 78 Centurion Blood Donors, including India's First Centurion Lady Smt.Ketaki Shah, First Centurion Handicapped Shri. Nikun Soni, Firsts pair of Centurion Brothers Sudhir and Yogesh Shah And First Negative Blood Donor Dr. Jayendra Dave. Ahmedabad Red Cross Ex-President Mukesh Patel and Hon. Advisor Mahesh Trivedi, both Centurion Blood Donors, have been internationally acknowledged to be a unique pair of Red Cross Office Bearers.

Seven families in the Ahmedabad Red Cross fold have donated more than 200 units of blood. They include Narhari Mavalankar, Ramesh Patel, Vasudev Thakkar, Sudhir-Yogendra Shah, Mahesh Trivedi, Ashok Patel and Suresh Patel. Even in the Red Cross Office Staff, there are 5 veteran blood donors, who have collectively donated nearly 230 blood units.

Ahmedabad Red Cross has adopted nearly 600 Thalassemia Children, providing them round the year blood transfusion services. Offering 24 hours Blood Banking Services, with modern infrastructure and state of the art facilities for Blood Components and Fractionation and also catering to the special needs of Haemophilia, Kidney and Cancer Patients, the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme has a unique Blood Grid Network of 14 Public Hospitals and Blood Storage Centres and 4 Blood Mobile Vans.

Dynamic Campaigning for Voluntary Blood Donation, Thalassemia Prevention and HIV-AIDS Protection, by dedicated volunteers of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Centurion Blood Donors Club, Handicapped Blood Donors Club, Women Blood Donors Club, Red Ribbon Club and 'Mission 25 by 25'.

Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad has recently launched the Single Donor Platelet– Aphaeresis Programme for the benefit of Patients undergoing Cancer and Heart Surgeries, Organ Transplant and Patients suffering from Dengue. This is an unique program in which donation is taken from voluntary donors rather than relatives of the patients.

Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme has thus come to be rightfully acknowledged as India's Pioneer & Leader of the Voluntary Blood Donation Movement.

Leadership by Example

Mukesh M. Patel - President

Shakuntala V. Malavankar - Vice-President

Mahesh C. Trivedi - Hon. Secretary

Shreyas V. Pandya - Hon. Treasurer

Kiran V. Chudgar - Joint Secretary

The trio of Red Cross Office Bearers, who have together put in 120 years of dedicated services to the Red Cross and donated 273 units of blood, are champion crusaders and motivators of the programme, providing a unique role-model of 'Leadership by Example': President Mukesh M. Patel, is in Red Cross Service since 1972. An international blood donor having donated blood for 120 times in 25 countries around the world (and still going on), he was felicitated with the 'British Red Cross Salutation - The cup of Joy and Life' in 2003, in recognition of outstanding contribution and noteworthy services for the cause of Voluntary Blood Donation and in appreciation of his having been a Centurion Blood Donor.

Vice President Dr. Shakuntala Malavankar, better haf of Late. Dr. Vishnu Ganesh Malavankar, the Founder of the Voluntary Blood Donation Movement in Gujarat is dedicated to Red Cross since 1962 and has given 36 blood donations. She is also the recipient of 'Red Cross Certificate of Merit' from the President of India for her meritorious services during the 1971 War.

Hon.Secretary Mahesh C. Trivedi, in service of Red Cross since 1967, with 117 blood donations came to be honoured in 1980 with the Presdient of India's Red Cross Certificate of Merit in appreciation of his commendable services for promotion of Voluntary Blood Donation.

Leading the Nation

With Blood Donor/Population Ratios of 1.1% for Gujarat and 3.1% for Ahmedabad, both Gujarat and Ahmedabad proudly rank as the No.1 State and City of India in the field of Blood Donation. The All India Average ratio compares at just 0.5% (Refer chart on reverse showing rankings of major Indian states and cities)

Against the All India Collection of 51 lakh blood units in 2006, Gujarat collected 5.63 lakh and Ahmedabad 1.4 lakh units of blood. This works out to the fact that out of every 100 blood donors in India, 11 are Gujaratis and nearly 3 are Amdavadi's.

It further translates to 'Every single minute - One Gujarati donating blood' and 'Every Four Minutes - One Amdavadi Donating Blood.'

To celebrate this great feat, the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme has organised the Celebration 'Pride of Gujarat - Where Blood Donation Is A Way Of Life', highlighting the outstanding and unparalleled achievements of Ahmedabad and Gujarat in spearheading India's Voluntary Blood Donation Movement on 2nd October, 2007, at the Tagore Hall, Ahmedabad. Over 1000 Veteran Blood Donors and Star Blood Donor Institutions are being felicitated on this eventful occasion with the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Donation Awards presented in an association with Sahitya Mudranalaya.

Humanitarian services

While 'Voluntary Blood Donation' is indeed its forte, the Ahmedabad Red Cross has many other feathers in its cap of humanitarian services. Under its theme 'Share the gift of life', Red Cross has undertaken active campaigning and enrolment of Donors pledging their Eye and Body donation.

Rising to the occasion at the time of every natural calamity or disturbances, it has rendered valuable services in the sphere of Disaster Relief. Noteworthy amongst this is the rehabilitation work undertaken through the construction of 110 new houses, temple and water tank at village Jogad, District Surendranagar, post the massive Gujarat Earthquake in 2001; distribution of food packets and clothing, and vaccination for over 17,000 school children nearly 70 flood affected villages of Dholka, Dhandhuka and Ranpur Talukas during 2005 to 2007. Hospital Welfare Services are regularly undertaken by Red Cross Lady Social Workers, distributing fruits and medicines to several needy patients.

The Red Cross Family Welfare Centre propagates Family Planning and also organises Polio Vaccination Programmes. Tricycle Distribution to the handicapped is another service worth mentioning.

Amazing Noble Gestures

Union Minister and Former Gujarat CM Shankersinh Vaghela visited Ahmedabad Red Cross Campaign and was the first to sign his own pledge for the cause.

Former Minister of State for Defence donated not just a Blood Mobile Van form his MP fund... but also launched it with his own blood donation and contribution of six months personal salary for 'Adopt a Thalassemia Child Project' in the august presence of the CM Narendra Modi. Swami Adhyatmanandji of Shivanand Ashram touched the hearts of one and all at the Red Cross, when at his felicitations as a Centurion Donor, he donated his entire book royalty earnings of Rs. 1,00,000 for the cause of the Thalassemia Children.

Thalassemia Awareness Campaign

To prevent the birth of new children suffering from Thalassemia Major, Ahmedabad Red Cross has been actively conducting an awareness campaign and during the past 3 years the message has been spread amongst more than 3 lakhs students in high schools and colleges of Gujarat.

Where Blood Donation Is A Way Of Life

Be it a Birthday Party or a Wedding Celebration or even a Death Anniversary, both moments of joy as also pain are commemorated in Ahmedabad and Gujarat with the organising of blood donation.

Patriotic fervour reaches its pinnacle during the festivities of Independence and Republic Days, with thousands of units of blood being collected in over dozens of camps organised on a single day.

Foundation Day Celebrations of Institutions are marked with blood donation drives. Disciples pay their respects to Gurus by offering a unique tribute through 'Rakt Tula' (weighing their Guru with equivalent weight of units of blood donated by them).

Blood Collection.... even at outdoor camps, under the aegis of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme knows no limitation of time... day or night... even round the clock at times.

Mega Blood Donation Camps in Gujarat have recorded amazing collections of thousands of units in a single day... Gujarat has also seen the longest running Blood Donation Camp over days together at a stretch! No wonder these mind-boggling feats have gone in Record Books in letters of red and gold!

This booklet endeavours to unfold the historic achievements of Blood Donors and Blood Donor Institutions which have made Ahmedabad and Gujarat so proud on the All India Scenario! It also evidences the path-breaking efforts of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme. which has passionately pioneered the cause of Voluntary Blood Donation, making it not just a successful campaign or movement... but virtually a Way of Life of the People!